R&D hub

In each Australian Education City, we will integrate a cutting-edge R&D hub immediately adjacent to our education campus.

The R&D parks will initially concentrate on established fields of research excellence such as biomedical research, biotech, cleantech, agritech, plant genomics, advanced manufacturing, and information and communications technologies, but opportunities abound for each park to expand to new fields of research and development too.

We are currently in the privileged position of negotiating with 3 of the world’s largest park operators including TusPark and Beijing University Science Parks for the rights to operate Australian Education City’s R&D parks. Whoever we appoint, we know we will be in good hands to bring to life a flourishing park with quality tenants and a momentum for growth.

Importantly, we already have interest from global giants such as Cisco who will establish their “Innovation in Motion” hub within our first precinct.